Pixleads Pro 2020 [UPDATE NEW VERSION]

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Pixleads is the most intuitive and excellent method to get the great amount of leads of database of Emails, Phone numbers, social media accounts. Pixleads is the lite edition with a powerful technology that boosts your business just by extract the target audience details via facebook. It is very secret software only used by professionals that will help yours dream comes true. However, it will advance you with getting high targeted leads. With it you can build a realistic base audience. It has an ability to extract details in 2 minutes. Pixleads is the favourite tool for digital marketers now a day’s. It can extract linked websites from the facebook profiles, fan pages and groups. You can simply extract the leads via facebook, save them in your PC in TXT file. Convert them into source customers by sending a personal inbox or Email, SMS, Whatsapp Messages or a direct phone call via people data that will be extracted bPixleads.


Let’s explore in detail how to get traffic from targeted members of facebook.

Let Say that facebook is the largest social media platform where people use these days. Hence Facebook is also the busiest social media network where people use to like, comment, share, discuss the trend, express personal opinions, showing the common interest on the reverent contents. So here is how Pixleads will take place to lead you in your business.  As we can imagine that the most traditional Pixleads will give you high quality leads with the authentication. Pixleads is the best way to discover the massive amount of social media traffic details who are interested in your topic and turn them in to your potential customers very easily. It will seriously take your business to another level. You can stalk the traffic on social media and let them reach your products or services. However, Pixleads also extracts the details of twitter, linkdin, myspace and youtube channels details of traffic you targeted. Leads that are generated via Pixleads are of great quantity comes with very small time spent. Below are the abilities that you may utilize for your business by extract.

  • Contact number extractor
  • Email ID extractor
  • Even extract Email Address if hidden
  • Grab Social Media Accounts that are linked with Facebook
  • Scrapper tools and Email hunter

Mostly you have heard that the Money is in the list. Hence it’s a real quote; now a day’s professionals are using Pixleads to extract data as mentioned in details above. So they can reach out the traffic vie Emails, phone calls and more. As, Pixleads is tested and tried by many to reach out traffic for your leads, let the traffic know that you really care of them by educating them of your product and finally turn them in to your likely customers.

Pixleads Key Features:

  • Simply extract emails addresses, phone numbers and names from the audience of facebook groups active members
  • Lets you to narrow down the profitable facebook group by actual niche
  • Find targeted audience by keywords called super easy search
  • Easily access all the friends list of your friends or any audience of a fan page
  • Make a list of audience group members Emails and export or import then to custom TXT file
  • It will Prevent Spam users
  • No Monthly cost, small time to extract and ideal for professionals
  • No fake Emails extractor
  • Making sure Emails and Phone numbers are real and reachable
  • By pass all types of robotic checks of Facebook
  • Anybody can use it even a new user can experience its user-friendly experience.

Another amazing thing you will get to know is the emails that are been extracted by Pixleads can be tracked with ROI. You can simply recheck that how many of the emails have been reached to you in last 24 hours just by clicking the channel provided. You will get the cheapest, most authentic and profitable marketing strategy. Build the real time Audience for your niche that you can’t imagine by step by step instant lead form facebook profiles. Pixleads will introduce the newest method by forgetting you the manual old methods. It will assure you with heavy valid targeted database that will surely meet your product. The most valuable element included Pixleads is that you can make money more and more with very low efforts. Simply it is designed for the professionals, entrepreneurs and digital marketing experts to boost your marketing success online without any flaw.

How to Start?

Gather the targeted Traffic Database: gather the database of the authentic customers From Facebook fan pages, groups, individual profiles, and after that relate with your Products that you want to promote and offer them the services. Pixleads will simply filter the interested audience that will like comment and share yr posts in different groups and fan pages.

Create the Custom Audience: Now create the audience from targeted audience to your customer’s database with Pixleads. To make it happen you go to the audience section of your face book adsence manager options and click the create audience to select them with drop down menu and have fun.

Uploading DataBase: The database that you have collected with Pixleads via TXT file select it with the option of customer file. Now the Pixleads will match the following contacts to get you know with the highly targeted leads from facebook.

Pixleads will collect the valid Phone numbers, Email IDS, UID’s from the facebook in to your database to give you their like comments and share. It is the very simple and rapid way of using to promote that what you want. Pixleads includes filter that will highly target the accurate and focus audience that are interested with your keyword. It will also get you know the IDs of facebook those are spying your product or services and also extract their details.

No more hidden details left with Pixleads: Pixleads can simply collect the database even from the personal groups, closed groups, full privacy set profiles and even of celebrities form fan pages.